Image theatre

Objective: Encourage children to use drama as a medium to encourage dialogue on issues affecting them and provide fun and active ways for children to voice their own views on a matter of concern. Age group: 8-14 How many children? 5-10 children Time: 2 hours Resources needed: A space where you can move around and make some noise     … More Image theatre

Life story drawing

  Objective: To understand in more depth how children’s lives have changed since the emergency and what they hope for the future Age group: 5+ How many children? Small groups of up to 10 Time: 1 hour Resources needed: Paper, pencils and colours Make sure that children are aware that taking part in this activity is optional and do … More Life story drawing


Objective: To get an overall view of the opinions of a group of children on which ideas or issues are most important to them Age group: 6+ How many children? Up to 25 Time: 30 minutes Resources needed: Flipchart paper, sticky dots (if possible) Dotmocracy is helpful when identifying key problems and identifying solutions, to compare and to find out … More Dotmocracy

Daily activity matrix

Objective: To understand where and how children spend their time, and if and when they are unaccompanied Age group: All ages (very young children supported by caregivers) How many children? Small groups of up to 10 Time: 1 hour Resources needed: Blank daily activity matrix for each child Asking a child to explain what they do during the day, … More Daily activity matrix