Daily activity matrix

Objective: To understand where and how children spend their time, and if and when they are unaccompanied

Age group: All ages (very young children supported by caregivers)

How many children? Small groups of up to 10

Time: 1 hour

Resources needed: Blank daily activity matrix for each child

Asking a child to explain what they do during the day, including all of the times, activities, and people who are with them during each activity can give a good picture about what a child’s daily life is like.

Either they can be drawn as timelines, or in a matrix as in this diagram, where the child can also show which adults are with them during each activity.daily acitivity matrix

Using a blank matrix with the times of day across the top, ask the child to describe all the activities they take part in on an average day. Also ask who they are with during each activity, and to draw each of these people down the left-hand side of the matrix.

The child can then draw or write the activities they do in the space that represents the time of day, and the person they are with.

If they are alone or unaccompanied during any of these activities, be sure to include a row for this.

Understanding children’s daily routines can give indications of possible risks they may face, and also where there are gaps in activities that could be provided, and an indication of the times when children may be available to participate in additional activities.

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