Child protection capacity building, Lebanon – LSESD and Viva

Context: Conflict-induced displacement, local partner response Objective: Supporting LSESD and its local partner churches and organisations to improve awareness and implementation of good practice in child protection policies and procedures in their response to the needs of displaced Syrian children and families in Lebanon Why this project? LSESD partners with more than 20 local churches and organisations to … More Child protection capacity building, Lebanon – LSESD and Viva

Strengthening child protection systems, Philippines – PCMN

Context: Natural disaster, weakened child protection systems Objectives: To identify the most vulnerable children and ensure their protection from the risks of abuse, trafficking and exploitation through the establishing and strengthening of child protection mechanisms To build the capacity of the local community and local authorities to effectively respond to child protection concerns   Why this project? … More Strengthening child protection systems, Philippines – PCMN

Education Learning Network, Lebanon – LSESD

Context: Conflict-induced displacement, large numbers of refugee children out of school Objective: Develop a network for local church partners providing education to come together and receive training and peer support so that: out-of-school refugee children have access to improved quality non-formal education provided in their local community by church-based centres volunteers are equipped to keep children safe, … More Education Learning Network, Lebanon – LSESD

Operation Safe, Nepal – CarNet Nepal

Context: Earthquake response Objectives:  To provide psychosocial support and the opportunity for children to deal with their reactions to the earthquake and build resilience to respond to future disasters Why this project? Following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, most of the homes in the villages where CarNet Nepal works were damaged or destroyed, as well as … More Operation Safe, Nepal – CarNet Nepal

Specialised support for children with disabilities in refugee camps, Northern Iraq

Context: Conflict, refugee camp Objectives:  Providing specialised support for children with disabilities who are otherwise unable to access services   Why this project? The partner NGO noticed that no one in the refugee camp was providing services for children with disabilities, meaning that they were missing out on opportunities to play and learn with other children … More Specialised support for children with disabilities in refugee camps, Northern Iraq

Anti-trafficking, Assam, India – Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)

Context: Long term conflict-induced vulnerability of children to trafficking and abuse Objectives: To protect children from trafficking and empower them to enjoy their childhood and lead a life with dignity   Why this project? This programme was chosen because child trafficking was a significant issue with little action being taken to address it. Whilst running a … More Anti-trafficking, Assam, India – Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)

Burundi Education Project – FH

The Burundi Education Project was delivered as part of FH’s wider Returnee Reintegration Programme. Context: Post-conflict, refugee reintegration Objectives:  To expand education opportunities for returnee and host community school-going children through the construction of schools and support of educational activities To reduce the incidence of sexual and gender-based violence through creative community awareness and preventative education … More Burundi Education Project – FH

New Life Centre, Northern Uganda, FH

Context: Post-conflict, returning formerly-abducted child mothers Objective: To transform the lives of formerly-abducted child mothers and other vulnerable child mothers in Northern Uganda and expand the capacity of local churches and communities to provide further support in this area. The New Life Centre worked to rehabilitate these women and girls through counselling, the provision of a nurturing and loving … More New Life Centre, Northern Uganda, FH

Onwards and Upwards, Jordan

Kids’ clubs and caregiver psychosocial support groups Context: Displacement, urban refugees Objective: To promote the well-being of refugee children and their families by training and equipping local partners to provide accessible and age-appropriate education and recreational activities for refugee children and their caregivers. The project was initially set up to target children ages 3 to 7, but extended the project … More Onwards and Upwards, Jordan