Anti-trafficking, Assam, India – Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)

Context:¬†Long term conflict-induced vulnerability of children to trafficking and abuse Objectives: To protect children from trafficking and empower them to enjoy their childhood and lead a life with dignity   Why this project? This programme was chosen because child trafficking was a significant issue with little action being taken to address it. Whilst running a … More Anti-trafficking, Assam, India – Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)

Family strengthening programmes

Families represent a critical aspect of child protection, often representing children’s primary source of safety, support and protection; however, parents are often under increased stress and pressure in an emergency and so support to strengthen the family could be critical in keeping children safe. The breakdown of infrastructure and social networks in conflict and disaster settings … More Family strengthening programmes

Community based child protection

A community-based child protection mechanism (CBCPM) is a network or group of individuals at community level who work in a coordinated way toward child protection goals. Communities can provide significant ways of preventing and responding to child protection risks. Even in situations of mass displacement where no ‘community’ is easy to see, groups of people … More Community based child protection

Birth registration

Without a birth certificate, children miss out on their right to an identity and often fail to access basic services, sit for school exams, receive free healthcare or claim rights to legal protection. In emergencies and in displacement contexts, access to birth certificates can be disrupted and their are often additional barriers to registration. When … More Birth registration

Family tracing and reunification

Children separated from their parents and families are at increased risk of violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. The basic assumption, until tracing efforts demonstrate otherwise, should be that a child has someone with whom he or she can be reunited. When should we use family tracing and reunification? A multi¬≠-agency approach is essential in conducting effective tracing and reunification activities. Within one week of … More Family tracing and reunification


Trafficking of a child is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of a child for the purpose of exploitation. To read about an anti-trafficking programme in action, click the link below: When should we use anti-trafficking programmes? At all stages of an emergency, including early response When children have been separated from parents and … More Anti-trafficking