Body map

Objective: To understand the impact the emergency has had on different aspects of children’s life Age group: 8+ How many children? Up to 30 Time: 1 hour Resources needed: Flipchart paper, masking tape, markers This exercise could bring up difficult thoughts and memories; be sensitive and do not force children to participate or to share … More Body map

Rapid child protection needs assessment

Education and daily routines: 1. What are children doing during the day – how has this changed since the emergency? 2. What proportion of children were in school before the emergency? (pre-school, primary, secondary) 3. Has access to school been disrupted by the emergency? 4. Which children are most affected? Why? (e.g. younger children/primary school/adolescents/children with disabilities) Unaccompanied and separated children: 1. Are there … More Rapid child protection needs assessment