Life story drawing


Objective: To understand in more depth how children’s lives have changed since the emergency and what they hope for the future

Age group: 5+

How many children? Small groups of up to 10

Time: 1 hour

Resources needed: Paper, pencils and colours

Make sure that children are aware that taking part in this activity is optional and do not force them to take part if they don’t want to – if they do not want to complete all three drawings, allow them to do the ones they feel able to do.

Give each child three pieces of paper.

Explain that each piece of paper should have a different drawing:

  1. What life was like before the emergency
  2. What life is like now
  3. What they hope life will be like in the future

Children do not need to draw everything from each of these times, but should be encouraged to draw anything that they want to from these periods.

life story drawing

When the drawings are completed, discuss them with each child individually and note anything that you learn about the impact of the emergency and the hopes and dreams children have for how things can be different.

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