Community tours with children

Objective: To understand the children’s relationship with their physical environment in more depth

Age group: 10+

How many children? 3-6

Time: 30 minutes


It is very important that this activity should only take place in a safe environment and with appropriate supervision and approval of parents or caregivers. Do not use a community tour if there is any risk that it will put children in danger. 

It works well to use this activity after the community mapping exercise. This allows you to ‘enter’ the map, validate its features and find out more about key issues. You can use the map to plan your tour.

The facilitator asks children to show them a number of key spaces, for example where they play, what route they take to and from school, where they like to spend time together, and which places they avoid.

Children should feel free to show whatever they think is important, and should be asked to explain their reasons for the way they use and feel about the spaces they choose.

Photographs can be taken to record these tours, and later on they can be annotated with the comments of the children.

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