Child protection capacity building, Lebanon – LSESD and Viva

Context: Conflict-induced displacement, local partner response Objective: Supporting LSESD and its local partner churches and organisations to improve awareness and implementation of good practice in child protection policies and procedures in their response to the needs of displaced Syrian children and families in Lebanon Why this project? LSESD partners with more than 20 local churches and organisations to … More Child protection capacity building, Lebanon – LSESD and Viva

Strengthening child protection systems, Philippines – PCMN

Context: Natural disaster, weakened child protection systems Objectives: To identify the most vulnerable children and ensure their protection from the risks of abuse, trafficking and exploitation through the establishing and strengthening of child protection mechanisms To build the capacity of the local community and local authorities to effectively respond to child protection concerns   Why this project? … More Strengthening child protection systems, Philippines – PCMN

Anti-trafficking, Assam, India – Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)

Context: Long term conflict-induced vulnerability of children to trafficking and abuse Objectives: To protect children from trafficking and empower them to enjoy their childhood and lead a life with dignity   Why this project? This programme was chosen because child trafficking was a significant issue with little action being taken to address it. Whilst running a … More Anti-trafficking, Assam, India – Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)

Burundi Education Project – FH

The Burundi Education Project was delivered as part of FH’s wider Returnee Reintegration Programme. Context: Post-conflict, refugee reintegration Objectives:  To expand education opportunities for returnee and host community school-going children through the construction of schools and support of educational activities To reduce the incidence of sexual and gender-based violence through creative community awareness and preventative education … More Burundi Education Project – FH

Support for children in conflict with the law

During emergencies, child protection actors report that numbers of child victims, witnesses and (alleged) offenders rise dramatically. Within conflict settings in particular, when justice systems are weakened through under-investment and lack of regulation, normal rules of detention are often misapplied or unenforced. Standards to ensure the wellbeing of juveniles in the justice system may be … More Support for children in conflict with the law

Support for children involved in child labour

In emergency contexts, with the possible loss of livelihoods and access to education, and when families are separated and displaced, children become particularly vulnerable to child labour. Child labour can be defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, potential and dignity; work that is harmful to their physical and mental development because it is … More Support for children involved in child labour

Safety for adolescent girls

Adolescent girls aged between 10 and 19 constitute one of the most at-risk groups in emergencies, due to their physical development and age. These factors can lead to higher levels of sexual violence such as rape, sexual exploitation, early or forced marriage and unintended pregnancy. During crises, weakened institutions, poverty and financial hardship leave girls especially … More Safety for adolescent girls

Community based child protection

A community-based child protection mechanism (CBCPM) is a network or group of individuals at community level who work in a coordinated way toward child protection goals. Communities can provide significant ways of preventing and responding to child protection risks. Even in situations of mass displacement where no ‘community’ is easy to see, groups of people … More Community based child protection

Birth registration

Without a birth certificate, children miss out on their right to an identity and often fail to access basic services, sit for school exams, receive free healthcare or claim rights to legal protection. In emergencies and in displacement contexts, access to birth certificates can be disrupted and their are often additional barriers to registration. When … More Birth registration