Support for children involved in child labour

In emergency contexts, with the possible loss of livelihoods and access to education, and when families are separated and displaced, children become particularly vulnerable to child labour. Child labour can be defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, potential and dignity; work that is harmful to their physical and mental development because it is … More Support for children involved in child labour

Safety for adolescent girls

Adolescent girls aged between 10 and 19 constitute one of the most at-risk groups in emergencies, due to their physical development and age. These factors can lead to higher levels of sexual violence such as rape, sexual exploitation, early or forced marriage and unintended pregnancy. During crises, weakened institutions, poverty and financial hardship leave girls especially … More Safety for adolescent girls

New Life Centre, Northern Uganda, FH

Context: Post-conflict, returning formerly-abducted child mothers Objective: To transform the lives of formerly-abducted child mothers and other vulnerable child mothers in Northern Uganda and expand the capacity of local churches and communities to provide further support in this area. The New Life Centre worked to rehabilitate these women and girls through counselling, the provision of a nurturing and loving … More New Life Centre, Northern Uganda, FH

Interim care and reintegration for children associated with armed forces

Boys and girls who are recruited by armed forces or armed groups in conflict can be used as combatants but also in active support roles such as spies, porters or informants, or for sexual purposes. Children associated with armed forces are exposed to violence and are often abused, forced to use drugs, exploited and injured. … More Interim care and reintegration for children associated with armed forces

Vocational training for young people

Effective vocational training can provide skills for both agricultural and nonagricultural livelihoods, and sustainable employment and self-employment opportunities. Many adolescent girls and boys have the ability, the desire, and the need to engage in economic activities, and in crises they are often forced by parents to contribute to the household income. In addition, after conflict … More Vocational training for young people

Vocational training for youth, Share an Opportunity (SAO) Uganda

Objective: To provide profitable employment for young people who have dropped out of school and lack life skills or a way of making a living.   The project: Young people are involved in a variety of technical and vocational education training: life skills training in entrepreneurship career guidance marketing basic functional adult literacy sessions Young people … More Vocational training for youth, Share an Opportunity (SAO) Uganda

Youth friendly space, Philippines – PCMN

Context: Typhoon, emergency response Objective: To reduce protection risks to young people by providing a safe space and access to activities and support mechanisms specific to youth aged 10 to 15   Why this project? PCMN noticed that young people were not being reached by other child protection programmes set up in the response to Typhoon … More Youth friendly space, Philippines – PCMN

Youth Friendly Space

A Youth Friendly Space (YFS) mobilises communities to provide safe spaces for older children (age 10-18), with programming which could include education activities, life skills training, psychosocial support and referral to other services. To read about a YFS in action, click the picture below: When should we use a Youth Friendly Space (YFS)? Youth friendly spaces can be … More Youth Friendly Space