dotmocracy kisumu

Objective: To get an overall view of the opinions of a group of children on which ideas or issues are most important to them

Age group: 6+

How many children? Up to 25

Time: 30 minutes

Resources needed: Flipchart paper, sticky dots (if possible)

Dotmocracy is helpful when identifying key problems and identifying solutions, to compare and to find out which children believe are the most important, and to help to make decisions.

Begin by determining a list of options – for example:

  • What issues do children face in this community?
  • Who are the most significant people who help and protect children?
  • What could we do to change the situation?

List ideas given by children down the left-hand side of a piece of flipchart paper, leaving space to the right.

When the list is finished, give each child 3 or 4 sticky dots and ask them to place their stickers next to their favourite ideas. If they really like one of the ideas, they can place all their dots there, but if they like more than one idea they are free to divide the dots between them.

If you do not have sticky dots, children can use a marker to make a mark beside their choices.


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