Community mapping with children

Objective: Children identify risks to their safety in their own environment

Age group: 7+

How many children? Groups of up to 20 (grouped by similar age if possible)

Time: 1 hour

Resources needed: Flipchart papers, pencils, colours, markers


community map

Ask the group of children to work together to draw a map of their community on a large sheet of flipchart paper.

They should include key features such as main roads, churches, mosques or other religious buildings, schools, homes, shops, public facilities, transport hubs, and other places where children spend time.

When children have finished, display the map, and ask children to mark with one colour of marker the places that they like to go, or which are good and safe places for children.

Discuss with them what they like about these places and what makes them feel safe there.

Next, using another colour of marker, ask children to identify places on the map which can be dangerous for children, or where they do not like to go.

Ask them why they feel like these areas are unsafe. What could children do to avoid being in these places, or to protect themselves from danger?

community map2


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