Responding together to COVID-19

This page contains links to key guidance and resources to support local communities and organisations in the ongoing response to COVID-19. Click on a topic to find the information you need, and leave comments or contact to share your own tools and resources.

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What is a coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that can cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. This new virus, which was first described by authorities as a new strain of pneumonia, was later confirmed to be a new coronavirus. It has been named by the World Health Organization (WHO) as COVID-19.  

Although the spread of Coronavirus presents us all with huge challenges, there are things that we can all be doing to mitigate the impact and spread of the disease. 

Managing the risk

Know the facts 

Supporting children and communities

Supporting Children
Supporting parents and caregivers
Supporting staff, volunteers and childcare workers 

Responding together: A network response

This advice is to support Viva’s partner networks and others to respond collectively to COVID-19. For more examples, stories and ideas from Viva’s partner networks, see our network response page.

  • Find alternative ways to network members through social media groups, webinars and virtual meetings 
  • If programmes and events are cancelled, use any extra time you may gain to write a network Annual Report, update network policies and send newsletters 
Capacity building
  • Consider whether training programmes can be carried out through Skype, Zoom or other online video conferencing systems 
Collective action
  • Arrange for those who are less at-risk in churches to offer delivery of food supplies to those who need to self-isolate 
  • Create a rota for calling and checking on those who are most isolated and vulnerable 
  • Develop activity toolkits that parents, teachers and families can use with their children in isolation – maybe even helping explain to children what is happening around the world. 
Influencing our community
  • Continue spreading positive messaging through social media. 
  • Are there critical functions that the authorities need an army of volunteers for – that is one thing that the church has available 
  • Use any extra time you may have by creating some video content to support online campaigns 

Share with us the positive steps you choose to take so that we can share practical examples from different networks around the world – please share your actions with us on 

Additional tools and resources

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