Responding together to COVID-19

This page contains links to key guidance and easy-to-use resources to support local communities and organisations in the ongoing child-focused response to COVID-19. For more examples, stories and ideas from Viva’s partner networks, see our network response page. For more programme development tools see the guidance page. For Viva’s child and family phone mentoring programme, see this page.

Versión en español disponible aquí (actualización próximamente)

How can we protect children during the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 presents risks to children’s wellbeing on many levels: 

As local organisations and community groups, what we can do on the ground on any of these levels can have a significant impact in keeping children safe and minimising the negative impact of the pandemic.

Direct work with children

Share correct information with children
Help children to cope and provide psychosocial support
Respond to abuse and exploitation
Including all children

Working with families

Share correct information with families
Supporting parents and caregivers
Psychosocial support and activities for families
Alternative care and children living in institutions

Community-level support

Promoting hygiene and safety
Education provision

More education-focused tools and resources here (coming soon!)

Engaging remotely with communities
Resources for churches
Supporting staff, volunteers and childcare workers 

Society-level responses

Advocacy messages to share

Key tools and resources

One thought on “Responding together to COVID-19

  1. This is wonderful. So many helpful ideas and materials packaged together in one place–and with numerous links to additional resources.


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