Viva’s Child and Family Phone Mentoring Programme

Through this programme, volunteers mentor children and adults in the same family using resources sent to phones and via phone calls. The phone calls are designed to be participatory and engaging and support proactive action for the family on each topic. Mentors complete 8 phone calls including the introduction and closing call with six phone call themes based on emerging issues, as well as the evidence-based ‘COVID-19 Global Parenting Resources’. By running this programme, you will support families to build stronger relationships, encourage positive parenting, and reduce the risk of violence against children at home.

All Resources in English

مواد باللغة العربية (All Resources in Arabic)

Materiales en español (All Resources in Spanish)

Please contact Viva at if you are planning to use these resources and are not already part of Viva’s partner networks. See our Terms of Use (below) for more information on using these resources as an external organisation.

To set up your programme you will need to refer to:

Training videos are available here.

Get in touch with us at for support with monitoring and evaluation for your mentoring project.

Read about the impact of the first 6 months of the Phone Mentoring Programme here:

Mentoring Conversation Guides and Resources

Parenting Tips are accessible in many additional languages here. Other languages currently available for the conversation guides are Arabic and Spanish.

Introduction Call
Call 1: COVID-19 Awareness

Additional resource: ‘My Hero is You’ story – download in your language here

Call 2: Strong Families
Call 3: Mental Health and Resilience
Call 4: Staying Safe at Home
Call 5: Online Safety
Call 6: Learning Together
Closing Call

With thanks to Parenting for Lifelong Health for COVID-19 Parenting Resources, and Right to Play for use of COVID-19 Play Activities

The mentoring programme has also been adapted for use with children with learning disabilities or learning difficulties, with support of Embrace the Middle East and SKILD (Lebanon). These resources are available here.

There is also a guide for adapting the programme for use with teenagers and adolescents:

Phase 2 of Viva’s Child and Family Phone Mentoring Programme is now also available – find out more here

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