What can we do?

Aim: To work with children to think about what needs to change and what action you will take together

You will need: Flipchart paper and markers

Method: Now you understand the issue, you need to find out what children think needs to change to improve the situation.

Prepare a sheet of flipchart paper as below:


Ask children to think about what would need to change to improve the situation around the issue you have talked about. Remind them of the impacts and causes you have identified—what would need to change to stop these causes and consequences?

Write these ideas in the ‘change’ column on your flipchart paper.

Next ask the children to think about who it is who could take action to make this change (If the children have suggested many ideas, let the children choose the most important ones to talk about in the time you have available—make sure you leave time to move onto planning for action).

For each change you talk about, ask the children first what they think adults can do, and then ask them what they think children could do.

Take a blank piece of flipchart paper and, by looking at the charts they have written, ask children for their ideas of what they think that they could do to take action on this issue for children in their community.

Take some time with the children to discuss their ideas—which ideas do they think are good, and why? Would they actually work? What would be easy or difficult? Who else would they need to work with to make the ideas happen?

You could use dotmocracy to help children decide on what they would like to do.


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