Problem Tree: Understanding the issue

Aim: Children explore the causes and consequences of an issue in their community

You will need: Flipchart paper and markers

Method: Once you have identified the issue you want to work on together, it’s       important to make sure you really understand what is causing the problem and what impact it’s having on children.

Use a problem tree to explore the causes and consequences of the issue you have  chosen:

Draw a simple picture of a tree on a piece of flipchart paper with roots going into the ground and branches leading up to the sky.


Write the issue you are discussing on the trunk of the tree, and then ask children to tell you what they think are the causes of the problem, and write these on the roots of the tree.

Next think about the impact of the issue on children, and write the children’s ideas on the branches.

You could also work with children to do further research about the issue—through online research, and through asking relevant people in the community about the issue. Children could then give feedback at the next meeting on what they have found out about the issue and its causes and impact in your community.

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