New Life Centre, Northern Uganda, FH

Context: Post-conflict, returning formerly-abducted child mothers Objective: To transform the lives of formerly-abducted child mothers and other vulnerable child mothers in Northern Uganda and expand the capacity of local churches and communities to provide further support in this area. The New Life Centre worked to rehabilitate these women and girls through counselling, the provision of a nurturing and loving … More New Life Centre, Northern Uganda, FH

Onwards and Upwards, Jordan

Kids’ clubs and caregiver psychosocial support groups Context: Displacement, urban refugees Objective: To promote the well-being of refugee children and their families by training and equipping local partners to provide accessible and age-appropriate education and recreational activities for refugee children and their caregivers. The project was initially set up to target children ages 3 to 7, but extended the project … More Onwards and Upwards, Jordan

Vocational training for youth, Share an Opportunity (SAO) Uganda

Objective: To provide profitable employment for young people who have dropped out of school and lack life skills or a way of making a living.   The project: Young people are involved in a variety of technical and vocational education training: life skills training in entrepreneurship career guidance marketing basic functional adult literacy sessions Young people … More Vocational training for youth, Share an Opportunity (SAO) Uganda

Good Treatment Campaign, Latin America – Viva

Context: Communities where violence against children is widespread Objectives: To raise awareness of the importance of protecting children and treating them well To encourage adults to commit to ‘good treatment’ of children   Why this project? In Viva’s Latin American network locations, violence against children had become normal and an everyday occurrence. The Good Treatment Campaign … More Good Treatment Campaign, Latin America – Viva

Youth friendly space, Philippines – PCMN

Context: Typhoon, emergency response Objective: To reduce protection risks to young people by providing a safe space and access to activities and support mechanisms specific to youth aged 10 to 15   Why this project? PCMN noticed that young people were not being reached by other child protection programmes set up in the response to Typhoon … More Youth friendly space, Philippines – PCMN

Child friendly spaces, Syria – LSESD

Context: Internal displacement in a conflict-affected area Objective: To improve the safety and psychosocial well-being of vulnerable children in Syria through equipping local partners with the resources and training necessary to provide safe spaces for the protection and care of children affected by the conflict   The project: The child friendly space (CFS) focuses primarily on activities for children … More Child friendly spaces, Syria – LSESD

Little Friendly Space, Iraqi Kurdistan

Context: Conflict-induced displacement, camps Objective: To provide safe child friendly activities for at least 200 children aged 3 to 5 in a refugee camp, and 200 children aged 3 to 5 in an IDP camp, and improve children’s safety and psychosocial well-being Why this project? The NGO was already running child friendly spaces (CFS) in partnership with UNICEF … More Little Friendly Space, Iraqi Kurdistan