Resilient Families: Mentoring for challenging times

All Resources in English

Усі ресурси українською мовою (All Resources in Ukrainian)

Все ресурсы на русском языке (All Resources in Russian)

Viva’s Resilient Families Mentoring Programme is designed to help local communities offer high quality, evidence-based support to families affected by conflict.

Volunteers mentor children and adults in the same family, talking with them about topics like mental health and resilience, staying safe and avoiding risks such as trafficking, and building strong relationships in the family. The materials can be used in 1:1 sessions in person or over the phone, or in group settings.

The programme ensures that:

  • Children are protected from abuse and danger during conflict
  • Children build resilience enabling them to move through difficult situations, recognising and building on their own strengths
  • Parents build their own resilience and are confident that they can cope with crisis and care for their children
  • Communities are equipped to support families to be resilient during conflict

These materials have been developed by Viva in partnership with World Without Orphans (WWO) and Innovista, based on the War-time Parenting tips developed by Parenting for Lifelong Health and others, and based on Viva’s Child and Family Phone Mentoring Programme developed during Covid-19.

Please contact Viva at if you are planning to use these resources and would like access to the accompanying Resilient Families app, which can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.

To set up your programme you will need to refer to:

Guidelines for Programme Coordinators English, українська (Ukrainian), Русский (Russian)

Guidelines for Mentors English, українська (Ukrainian), Русский (Russian)

Resilient Families accompanying smartphone app – if possible, mentors and adult participants should download the Resilient Families app to support their use of the programme. Get in touch with us at for access to the app, and for support with monitoring and evaluation for your mentoring project.

Mentoring Conversation Guides

The Resilient Families Programme includes six key sessions, with an additional introduction and closing session. A further session on supporting families through grief and loss is also available as an additional resource.

These conversation guides can be downloaded here:

All Resources in English

Усі ресурси українською мовою (All Resources in Ukrainian)

Все ресурсы на русском языке (All Resources in Russian)

They include:

  • Introduction conversation
  • Session 1: Talk about it
  • Session 2: Strong families
  • Session 3: Mental health and resilience
  • Session 4: Staying safe together
  • Session 5: Staying safe at home
  • Session 6: Learning together
  • Closing session
  • Additional session – coping with loss

Using these resources:

We are happy for these resources to be used widely – we would love to know that you are using them – please let us know at, and get in touch if you would like to access the accompanying smartphone app and monitoring and evaluation tool. Please do not edit or adapt these materials without consultation with Viva.

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