Livelihoods programmes: Integrating child protection

Livelihoods programmes often have protective effects on children, particularly when mothers benefit directly, when they are used to provide livelihood opportunities for older adolescents, and when action builds on existing strategies to protect people’s livelihoods. Standard: Caregivers and working-age children have access to adequate support to strengthen their livelihoods. (CPMS, 2019) ⇒Download a printable risk … More Livelihoods programmes: Integrating child protection

Food security and distribution programmes: Integrating child protection

Distribution of immediate, life-saving assistance is one of the most urgent actions to be taken in an emergency response, and can significantly improve the safety and well-being of children. Furthermore, the way in which food and other relief items are distributed has a significant effect on the threats experienced by women and children. Standard: All … More Food security and distribution programmes: Integrating child protection

Additional Guidelines for Food Security and Distribution Programmes

Sector specific guidelines: Global Protection Cluster, Briefing note to ensure child protection mainstreaming: Standard 26: Distribution and Child Protection World Food Programme (2016) Protection Guidance Manual Food Security and Livelihoods Programs, Protection Mainstreaming tips (2016) IASC (2018) Gender Handbook for Humanitarian Action IASC (2015) Guidelines for Gender-based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Action WFP (2013) Protection … More Additional Guidelines for Food Security and Distribution Programmes

Sample child protection workshop outline

1 DAY CHILD PROTECTION WORKSHOP SAMPLE OUTLINE This workshop was developed by Viva for local church or Christian NGO partners; it can be adapted for other partners. Page numbers refer to Viva, Creating Safe Environments for Children Time Session Aim Toolkit Exercises 9.00-9.10 Welcome/introductions – 9.10-9.25 What does it mean to be a child? To recognise … More Sample child protection workshop outline

What can we do?

Aim: To work with children to think about what needs to change and what action you will take together You will need: Flipchart paper and markers Method: Now you understand the issue, you need to find out what children think needs to change to improve the situation. Prepare a sheet of flipchart paper as below: Ask … More What can we do?