Additional Guidelines for Food Security and Distribution Programmes

Sector specific guidelines:

Global Protection Cluster, Briefing note to ensure child protection mainstreaming: Standard 26: Distribution and Child Protection

World Food Programme (2016) Protection Guidance Manual

Food Security and Livelihoods Programs, Protection Mainstreaming tips (2016)

IASC (2018) Gender Handbook for Humanitarian Action

IASC (2015) Guidelines for Gender-based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Action

WFP (2013) Protection in Practice: Food Assistance with Safety and Dignity

Child Fund International, World Vision, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children (2015) Training for field staff in Non-protection sectors

National/local guidelines:

Somalia Protection Cluster (2011) Think Protection: A protection mainstreaming tool for drought, famine and displacement in Somalia

Global Protection Cluster (2014) Protection Mainstreaming Training

Guidance for Integrated Protection & Food Assistance Programming

Somalia Food Security Cluster, Protection mainstreaming checklist

Protection Cluster Yemen (2016) Introduction to Protection Mainstreaming: Food Security and Agriculture Yemen

(2012) Think protection! A quick guide to integrating protection into disaster response in the pacific region

Food Security and Livelihood programmes: Quick Guide on how to address protection (Gaza)

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