Viva Child and Family Phone Mentoring Phase 2: Theme 1 – Finding Hope in Hard Times

Why offer this session?

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, families are under a kind of stress that many may not have ever experienced before. Even when times are tough, all parents have strengths they can build on with the right support. When parents thrive, they can give their children what they need to grow up healthy and safe.

Which families could benefit from this session?

This session is appropriate for all families. It is especially relevant for families who have been struggling to cope with the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Before carrying out the phone call, mentors should receive training on this call theme and be aware of referral options. The training is available in the facilitators guide, and can be supported by this video and Powerpoint Presentation:

Please also refer to:

For more information on Viva’s Child and Family Mentoring Programme Phase 2 go here

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